PRE-ICIS 2007 WORKSHOP ON IS Research in the Era of Web 2.0

09:00 ~09:15

Opening and welcome Remark by Kil-Soo Suh ( Yonsei University ) and

                                                       Youngjin Yoo ( Temple University )


      Web 2.0: Practice and Process Approach

 Chair: Sandy  Staples (Queen's University)

 Discussant: Il. Im (Yonsei University)

-  Studying Situational User of Web 2.0: Productivity, Relation, and Power by Yukika Awazu ( Bentley College )

-   A Unified Conceptual Model for Collaborative Knowledge Management in the Context of Web 2.0 by Dan Kim, Andrew Yang, & Tri Yu (Univ. of Houston, Clear Lake)

-  Constructing Professional Identity Online: Web 2.0 – The New Vogue by

     Beryl Burns ( Univ. of Salford )


  Coffee Break


  Keynote: Web 2.0 as an enabler for continuous innovation and success,

  Dr. Yeona Jang, Vice President and CIO/CKO, Samsung SDS (Download)




        Web 2.0: Organizational Issues

 Chair: Hee-Woong Kim, National University of Singapore

 Discussant: Wonseok Oh ( McGill University )

-  The Optimal Operating Planning of Convention Service Systems by

    Changdae Kim (Dongseo Universoty)

-  A Study on Business Factors in Ubiquitous Digital Contents Environment by

    Hongjoo Lee, Jungjoo Jahng, & Joongho Ahn ( Seoul National University )


   Coffee Break


          Web 2.0: Knowledge mgt. application and adoption

 Chair: Il Im (Yonsei University)

 Discussant: Gerry Kane ( Boston   University )

- Cultural Issues and Acceptance with Web 2.0: A Study of Personalized Web Services

   by Traci J. Hess ( Washington State University ), Xin Li( University of North Carolina at

   embroke), and Anna McNab (Washing to State University )

- Social Network Usage and Trust Among Individual Players: An Analysis of the Linked

   in Social Network by Craig Claybaugh & Dave Haseman ( University of  Wisconsin at

     Milwaukee )

- Query-free Knowledge Distribution Based on Community of Practice Identification from

  Blogosphere by Jason J. Jung ( Yeungnam University ) & Chul-Mo Koo ( Inha University

December 9 (Sunday), 2007; Montreal, Canada

The Korean Association for Information Systems (KrAIS) and The Journal of MIS Research are pleased to announce a Workshop on IS Research in the Era of Web 2.0, to be held pre-ICIS on December 9, 2007 in Montreal, Canada. The goal of this special research workshop is to create a forum of exchange of ideas among IS scholars who are interested in Web 2.0 in order to increase our understanding of the impacts of Web 2.0 technology on work organization and society and to develop new ways to theoretically and methodologically study computer embedded and mediated knowledge work. We are particularly interested in rich empirical accounts of real life Web 2.0 work and organizations. The papers that are presented at the workshop will be considered for the fast track review for a special issue of the Journal MIS Research on the same topic which is scheduled to be published next year.

Call for Papers
YouTube, Wikipedia, MySpace, SecondLife and GoogleMaps!!! These just few examples of so-called Web 2.0 technologies that are rapidly changing the way we use information and communication technologies, not only in our work but also in our everyday life. Organizations may be able to take advantage of these new technologies to design and support new ways of communication, collaboration, coordination and learning. Using these new technologies, organizations might be able to make existing process more effective and efficient. Or these new tools may open up completely new ways of organizing. At the same time, these new emerging practices and technologies might challenge existing theories and methodologies used in information systems (IS) research.

We invite research-in-progress and completed research papers that focus on the changing role of IS research and practice in the era of 2.0. The research workshop seeks research papers that reflect the current IS research and practice and suggest new avenues of novel approaches to research and practice. To this end, we invite original research papers dealing with Web 2.0 applications and services in the following (but not limited to) topics:

  1. Management of Web 2.0 technology in organizations
  2. Use of Web 2.0 in managing IS resources
  3. IT governance
  4. Electronic commerce
  5. Human-computer interaction
  6. Design of Web services
  7. IT-enabled products and services
  8. Applications of Web 2.0 technology in virtual teams and knowledge management
  9. Cross cultural issues in the design and use of Web 2.0
  10. Social computing
  11. New forms of organizing enabled by Web 2.0
  12. Novel research approaches studying Web 2.0
  13. Theoretically informed rich case study of real-life applications of Web 2.0

All submissions must be in English, should represent original work done by the authors, and must NOT have been published, accepted for publication, or be presently under consideration for publication elsewhere. Authors who are interested in participating in the workshop need to submit an extended abstract with no more than 3 pages by October 20, 2007 to J.P. Shim at jshim@cobilan.msstate.edu. Please use Microsoft Word with MISQ style for your paper and references. Submissions will undergo a blind review process. All authors should agree to provide timely reviews of at most two other submissions, if requested. The workshop is intended to provide a forum for feedback and idea sharing among potential authors.

Important Dates
Submission deadline: October 20, 2007
Notification of Acceptance: November 9, 2007
Workshop: December 9, 2007 (Sunday)

J.P. Shim (jshim@cobilan.msstate.edu), Mississippi State University
Youngjin Yoo (youngjin.yoo@temple.edu), Temple University
Hee-Woong Kim (kimhw@comp.nus.edu.sg), National University of Singapore


The 2nd International KrAIS Meeting

How to Create an Opportunity for Korean IS Scholars


KrAIS Members and Korean IS Scholars


Harrah's Las Vegas Hotel, Elko and Ely Room (Dinner will be served)

Date and Time

December 12, 2005, 19:00-21:00

Hosted by

Korean Association for Information Systems (KrAIS)


SK Telecom
Korea Society of Management Information Systems

Invitation Letter
Since the Korean Association for Information Systems (KrAIS) was founded in 2004, various activities have been conducted. KrAIS already organized two formal meetings at ICIS 2004 last year and at KMIS Spring Conference on June 2005. KrAIS will continue to provide numerous services and activities that can encourage Korean scholars to collaborate each other and with both non-Korean scholars and industry practitioners.

As one of the KrAISs efforts, the second international meeting of KrAIS will be held during the ICIS 2005, by inviting Korean and well-know international IS scholars, to discuss the future direction of KrAIS and to share their ideas on how to promote KrAIS. We are expecting around 50 participants this year. The meeting would be more fruitful if you could join. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

Purpose of the Meeting

    We expect, through the meeting at ICIS 2005

  • To promote KrAIS to the IS world society

  • To improve the visibility of KrAIS and to its members to IS world members

  • To provide an opportunity for networking with leading IS academics and professionals all over the world to KrAIS members

  • To increase the cohesion and affinity among Korean IS professionals

  • To improve the intellectual contributions to the Korean academic and IT industry

    Critical success factors for the meeting

  • Strong support from a well-known organization like SK Telecom

  • Active participation of Korean academics and professionals worldwide

  • Getting involvement from leaders of AIS and IS world communities

Tentative Agenda for the Meeting

  • Welcome speech

  • Introduction of KrAIS

  •   Background of KrAIS

  •   Current Status of KrAIS

  •   Future Direction of KrAIS

  • Discussion Issues

  • Research Activities

- Possible research forums on Korea specific topics

- Possible special issues on Korea specific topics

  • Collaboration Plan

- Efficient Co-works between Korean Scholars

- Efficient Collaboration between Korean and non-Korean scholars

  • Next KrAIS meeting schedule and plan

  • Closing

Background of KrAIS

   What is AIS?

  • The Website of AIS: http://www.aisnet.org

  • The Association for Information Systems (AIS) founded in 1994, as the largest IS Association over the World, is a academic organization whose purpose is to serve as the premier global organization for scholars specializing in IS

  • The mission of the AIS is to advance knowledge in the use of IT/IS to improve organizational performance and individual quality of work life

  • The total number of members is around 4,600 from all over the world

  What is KrAIS?

  • The Korean Association for Information Systems (KrAIS), founded in 2004, is one of Chapters in AIS serving Korean members of AIS

  •  The goal of the KrAIS is:

  • To promote the exchange of idea, experiences, and knowledge sharing among scholars and professionals in Korea

  • Engaged in the development, management, and use of information and communications systems and technology

  • To fulfill its goals, KrAIS will closely cooperate with the KMIS

  • Activities of the KrAIS are:

  • Providing a forum for those concerned with all aspects of information systems, particularly those of interest to the Korean IS community.

  • Providing an opportunity for the exchange of ideas concerning the management of information systems with member counterparts.

  • Conducting programs and conferences for the benefit of members.

  • Providing a means for critical examination of the problems and opportunities involved in management information systems in the Korean IS community

  • Promoting information systems related research and its application through international collaborations and information exchange

  • All those activities approved by the constitution of the AIS.

  • Additional activities as approved by the Executive Board of the KrAIS.

    What is ICIS?

  • The International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) is founded in 1979 as the premier international academic conference in the area of information systems.

  • It is an annual conference that attracts over 1,000 academics and professionals from all over the world. It is also the primary job market for the faculty positions in the IS field of North American, European and Asian universities. Virtually all the leaders of the global IS community attend the conference.

  • There are also several professional and social activities of the community before, during, and after the conference.

  • In 1994, ICIS joined the AIS as the flagship research conference. The acceptance rate of the conference is around 10%.

  • Leading IS/IT companies like Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, and Dell either sponsors the conference or activities affiliated with the conference. The Society of Information Management (SIM), which is the largest organization of CIOs of large global companies, is also one of the sponsors of the conference.

  •  In this year, the ICIS 2005 will be held on December 11-14, 2005 at Las Vegas, USA (http://icis2005.unlv.edu)

  • The Korea Association of Management Information Systems is trying to hold the ICIS Conference in 2009, as the first Asian country (http://cis.kaist.ac.kr/icis/conferenceSite.htm). It will be finally decided during the ICIS 2005.

Meeting Committees