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PRE-ICIS 2007 WORKSHOP ON IS Research in the Era of Web 2.0

December 9 (Sunday), 2007Montreal, Canada

        Call for Papers

◈ 일 시: June 1, 2007, 16:40-18:10
◈ 장 소: Korea Science and Technology Center, Seoul, Korea
주제 발표자 관련자료

The effect of switching costs on resistance to change in the use of software

Nipuna Perera, Hee-Woong Kim(National University of Singapore)

Comparison of the ICT Adoption Pattern: In the Case of Korea and the U.S.

Kyung Hoon Yang(University of Wisconsin), Sang Gun Lee(Ajou University)

A Framework of Outsourcing Decision-Making for Human Resource Information Systems

Chung-Shing Lee, C. Christopher Lee, He-Boong Kwon(Pacific Lutheran University)

A Comprehensive Information System Validation Model

Kyungsub Steve Choi(Manhattan College)

◈ 일 시: June 16, 2006, 13:30-16:30
◈ 장 소: Korea Science and Technology Center, Seoul, Korea
주제 발표자 관련자료

An experimental investigation of trust enhancing features: comparison of a store’s trust-assuring arguments and a third party certification

Dongmin Kim(University of New Brunswick)
Izak Benbasat(University of British Columbia)

Does Hedonism Matter in Choosing a Medium? : The Case of Instant Messaging

Seung C. Lee(University of Minnesota at Duluth)

Double Sided Optimism in Information Security: Cross Cultural Variations

Hyeun-Suk Rhee, Young U. Ryu(University of Texas at Dallas)
Cheong-Tag Kim(Seoul National University)
Jae-Sik Kim(Samil Pricewaterhouse Coopers)

The Impact of Non-Work Related Computing Behavior on Job Performance and the Effects of Task Characteristics and Organizational Culture on its Control Mechanisms

Gee-Woo Bock, Liu Ping(National University of Singapore)
Sun Hua, Swee Ling Ho(National University of Singapore)

An Empirical Examination of User Acceptance of Fee-based Online Content

Jeongil Choi(Merrimack College)
Sangmyung Lee(University of Redlands)

Project Team Formation in Open Source Software Development

Jungpil Hahn(Purdue University)
Jae Yun Moon(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Chen Zhang(Purdue University)

Does It Outsourcing Pay Off? Evidence from U.S Industry-Level Data

Kunsoo Han, Robert J. Kauffman(University of Minnesota)
Barrie R. Nault(University of Calgary)


◈ 일 시: December 12, 2005, 19:00-21:00

◈ 장 소: Harrah's Las Vegas Hotel, Elko and Ely Room (Dinner will be served)

주제 발표자 관련자료
Korean Association for Information Systems
Jaemin Han(Korea University)

how can KrAIS support a global community of Korean IS scholars?

Youngjin Yoo(Case Western Reserve University)


◈ 일 시: 2005년 6월17일(금) 17:25~ 18:45

◈ 장 소: 한국과학기술원 (한국경영정보학회 2005년 춘계학술대회 KrAIS 세션)

주제 발표자 관련자료
KrAIS 활동 보고
한재민 (고려대학교)

(How) Can We Have Korean Perspectives in the Global
Market of IS Research?

(Case Western Reserve University)

Outsourcing Knowledge-based Systems: The Knowledge
Sharing Perspective

(National University of Singapore)

On Blogging and Bloggers: An Active Consumer Theory

이승찬 (University of Minnesota)